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1978 - 1 April (page in color - Dutch KV) by Fred Julsing Jr. - Comic Strip

1978 - 1 April (page in color - Dutch KV)

Comic Strip
Mixed Media
Backside drawing


O28, pag.17 Published in Okki ?

About Fred Julsing Jr.

Fred Julsing Jr. was born in The Hague as the son of painter and illustrator Fred Julsing Sr., who drew a couple of comic books under the pseudonym Larry Morgan in 1948. As a very young artist, he published his first cartoons in the magazine Autovisie (1958), and two years later, he won the prestigious Jacob Marisprijs, The Hague's municipal award for art, for his lithographies. Immediately after that, he decided to start investigating the other love of his - the comic strip. He did so at the Toonder studios, which he joined in the early 1960s. Fred Julsing was one of the artists involved in the 'Toon en Toos Brodeloos' strip, which a team of seven artists produced in 1976 for VPRO-Gids, the magazine of broadcasting company VPRO. Each episode was a satirical story about one of the Dutch broadcasting companies, drawn by a different artist. Julsing did the one about TROS, while the other artists were Joost Swarte (AVRO), Evert Geradts (KRO), Joost Troost (EO), Rob Gorter (NCRV), Aart Clerkx (VARA) and Harry Buckinx (VPRO). The stories were collected in a book by Har van Fulpen's Drukwerk in 1976. Text (c) Lambiek

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