For sale - Unknow by Sergio Macedo - Original Cover


Original Cover
circa 1974
Mixed Media
42 x 32 cm (16,54 x 12,6 in.)
Price : 1,000 €  [$]


Couverture ou illustration ?

About Sergio Macedo

After making press and advertising illustrations in Brazil, Sergio Macédo moved to France in 1974. He drew for educational magazines like Fiction, Galaxie and J'Ai Lu and published his first comics in Métal Hurlant and Circus. His first comic album, 'Fume, c'est du Macédo', was published by Kesselring in 1975. This was followed by 'Psychorock' and 'Télé Champ', published by Les Humanoïdes Associés in 1976 and 1978. For Sedem, he contributed to the magazines Neutron and Sexbulles, and produced the album 'Mike the Bike et Molly' (1982). He was present at Glénat with 'Caraïbes' (1981) and 'Voyage Intemporel' (1982), before creating the 'Vic Voyage' series. This mystical and adventurous series, about a man who discovers his extraterrestrial origins, began in Circus magazine in 1982. Later on, it was continued at Aedena publishers and Vaisseau d'Argent. Text (c) Lambiek

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