Superman - Man of Steel -

Superman - Man of Steel - "No Axioms" #104 P15

Comic Strip
39.3 x 26.6 cm (15.47 x 10.47 in.)


Signature en bas

About Doug Mahnke

Douglas "Doug" Mahnke (/ˈmæŋki/) is an American comic book artist and penciller. Mahnke's first prominent work was for The Mask, and he has since worked for DC Comics on JLA, Batman with writer Judd Winick, and Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein with Grant Morrison. Mahnke's work on Batman included the controversial story detailing how the previously deceased second Robin, Jason Todd, was alive and actively working against Batman's interests as the Red Hood.[1] Mahnke also worked on the critically acclaimed prestige one-shot Batman: The Man Who Laughs with writer Ed Brubaker.

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