For sale - Sok all by Benoît Sokal - Illustration

Sok all

11 x 14 cm (4,33 x 5,51 in.)
Price : 1,200 €  [$]


1980 Année Pepperland


Pièce historique

About Benoît Sokal

Benoît Sokal (born 28 June 1954 in Brussels) is a Belgian comic artist and video game developer, best known for his comics series Inspector Canardo, and the adventure game series Syberia. He studied at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Brussels, together with many contemporary Belgian comic artists like François Schuiten. He began drawing for À Suivre magazine in 1978. He created the Inspector Canardo series, featuring a depressed anthropomorphic duck detective with a penchant for cigarettes, alcohol and femmes fatales, before working on other titles.

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