For sale - Queireix : Miss Octobre tome 3 planche 24 by Alain Queireix - Comic Strip

Queireix : Miss Octobre tome 3 planche 24

Comic Strip
65 x 50 cm (25.59 x 19.69 in.)
Price : 550 €  [$]


Alain Queireix : Miss Octobre tome 3 "Très mauvais souvenirs" planche 24. Album paru aux éditions "Le Lombard" en 2014.

Encre de chine sur papier. Dimensions : 65x50 cms

About Alain Queireix

Alain Queireix had an early ambition to become a comic artist, especially through his admiration for the work of Dethorey. However, he worked as a commercial agent for a couple of years, while developing his drawing skills by making comics in his spare time. He had his first break when Erik Arnoux asked him to take over the artwork of the detective series 'Celadon Run', succeeding Élie Klimos and Frank Brichau. Queireix drew the third and the fourth album in 2001 and 2004. Queireix and Arnoux then created the two-issue detective series 'Ava Dream' for Lombard in 2008. He has illustrated installments in Stephen Desberg's collective projects 'I.R.$. - All Watcher' (2009-10) and 'Empire USA' (2011). He subsequently joined Desberg in the launch of 'Miss Octobre', a series about a playmate serial killer, in 2012.

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