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Planet Comics #22 by George Appel - Comic Strip

Planet Comics #22

Comic Strip
Planet Comics


Star Pirate, le Robin des Bois de l'espace! Sublime et rare (très grande) page du merveilleux George Appel et du non moins mythique Planet Comics. Période bénie du Golden Age.

About George Appel

George H. Appel worked as a comic book artist during the Golden Age of American comics, the 1940s. Through the studios of Bernard Baily, Jerry Iger, Funnies Inc. and L.B. Cole, he worked on a variety of features for several of this period's companies. For Ace Periodicals, he drew features like 'Ace McCoy', 'Corporal Flint', 'Marvo the Magician', 'Phantom Fed' and romance stories. He inked covers for Charlton, and produced 'Sky Rangers' and 'Tommy Tomahawk' for Aviation Press, 'Circus', 'Jeff Jordan' and 'Underworld' for D.S., romance for Fawcett and Fox, 'Duke O'Dowd' for Harvey, crime and suspense for Holyoke, and 'G-5' and 'The Old Witch' for Quality. Among his several Fiction House features are 'Camilla', 'Captain Derek West', 'Chip Collins', 'Fantomah', 'Frosty North', 'Jane Martin', 'Red Comet', 'Red Panther', 'Shark Brodie', 'Simba', 'Star Pirate' and several stories for Wing Comics. Appel later moved on to advertising art. Text (c) Lambiek

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