For sale - Planche Originale  - Jakob Kayne - Planche n°28 by Mateo Guerrero - Comic Strip

Planche Originale - Jakob Kayne - Planche n°28

Comic Strip
Encre sur papier Caballo
50 x 35 cm (19.69 x 13.78 in.)
Price : 550 €  [$]


Planche originale tirée de l'album Jakob Kayne par Runberg et Guerrero paru aux éditions du Lombard.


Signée et datée


  • La Isabela
  • Le Lombard
  • 01/2019
  • Page 28

About Mateo Guerrero

Mateo Guerrero made his comics debut in the mid-1990s. He broke through in the Spanish comics scene with the heroic fantasy series 'Crónicas de Mesene', of which two limited series appeared at Planeta-DeAgostini and Dude Comics between 1998 and 2000. He also did the juvenile series 'Cazadores en la Red' in the magazine ¡Dibus! en the juvenile supplement of the daily El País. Guerrero then left the Spanish market, and began drawing for the USA. After the unpublished 'Wildstorm' mini-series with scripts by Scott Lobdell, he joined Dreamwave Productions to become the penciller of the 'Warlands' title in 2002.

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