For sale - Planche originale Carali - tour de cartes by Paul Carali - Comic Strip

Planche originale Carali - tour de cartes

Comic Strip
circa 1972
21 x 15 cm (8.27 x 5.91 in.)
Price : 70 €  [$]


Une planche du petit magicien, issue des pages des albums poches vaillants (ici série non-notée, entre 1971 et 1974), chaque dessin signé d'un petit c. Toute une époque...!


Chaue dessin de la planche est signée d'un petit C.

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About Paul Carali

Paul Carali was born in Egypt, but settled in Paris in 1970. He followed in the footsteps of his brother Édika, and pursued an artistic career. He started out illustrating game pages for the magazines of the publishing house Vaillant, but from 1975, he made several short stories and gags for magazines like L'Écho des Savanes, Charlie Mensuel and Hara-Kiri, in a style influenced by Nikita Mandryka. Between 1982 and 1985, he edited the first incarnation Le Petit Psikopat Illustré, an alternative review that featured work by Willem, Roland Topor, Kamagurka, Édika and Carali himself. Carali founded the Éditions Zébu in 1989, and launched a new version of Le Petit Psikopat, later retitled to simply Psikopat. Carali's works have been collected in albums like the 'Docteur Tutut' series, 'L'Amalgame', 'Kwika', 'Les Contes d'un Conteur', 'Quand est-ce qu'on Baise?', and 'Accro de Micro', published by among others Éditions du Square, Albin Michel, Calva and Glénat. He also published several works under his own label, such as 'Yahoga!', 'Marie-Paule est Romantique', 'Les Crétins sont tous des Abrutis', 'Parano', 'Amédée Bill est un Héros', 'Gros Noël fait dans la Dentelle' and the biographies 'Vacances de Mr. Paulot' and 'La Poule à Poulot'. Text (c) Lambiek