For sale - Parteno by Studios Hergé - Illustration


circa 1960
25 x 20 cm (9,84 x 7,87 in.)
Price : 800 €  [$]


Dessin publicitaire pour Parterno et le point Tintin


Le triangle avec Tintin et Milou est un dessin original, le reste est un montage.

About Studios Hergé

The Studios Hergé were, between 1950 and 1986, a SARL grouping comics creator Hergé and his collaborators, who assisted him with the creation of The Adventures of Tintin and derived products. Over the years, the studios had between 12 and 50 employees, including some prestigious artists like Jacques Martin, Bob de Moor and Roger Leloup. Every creation produced by the studios was attributed to Hergé only, except for three albums of Quick & Flupke which are attributed to the Studios on the cover. In 1987, the Studios were disbanded and transformed into the Hergé Foundation by Fanny Rodwell, Hergé’s widow.

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