For sale - Olivier BERLION . Illustration originale . galerie de personnages . 21 x 32 by Olivier Berlion - Illustration

Olivier BERLION . Illustration originale . galerie de personnages . 21 x 32

42 x 30 cm (16.54 x 11.81 in.)
Price : 220 €  [$]


Magnifique galerie de personnages de OLIVIER BERLION .

Format de la fille 9 x 21 . homme a la valise 10.5 x 21.54. homme avec jumelles 11 x 19.
Aquarelle et encre de chine.

les personnages sont contrecollés sur un canson de 30 x 42.




Ces dessins originaux ont étés réalisés pour un projet d'album se passant en Camargue.

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About Olivier Berlion

Olivier Berlion studied at the Émile Cohl art school in his birth city Lyon. By 1986 he was working as an illustrator for advertisements and for the publishing house Hachette. He was a cartoonist for Amis-Coop magazine from 1988 to 1990, before beginning a longtime assocation with comics writer Éric Corbeyran. Berlion became an allround author in 2000, when he started his graphic novel trilogy 'Histoires d'en Ville' at Glénat. He subsequently launched the thriller detective series 'Tony Corso' with Dargaud in 2004. He additionally worked with scriptwriter Tonino Benacquista on 'Coeur Tam-Tam' (2003) and 'La Commedia des Ratés' (2011) at the publishing house Dargaud, and with Elmore Leonard on 'Le Kid d'Oklahoma' (Casterman, 2012). Although mainly working in a realistic drawing style nowadays, he created a new children's comic for Dargaud in 2011, called 'La Guerre des Boutons'. Text (c) Lambiek