For sale - Moallic : Gag

Moallic : Gag "Tapage sur la voie publique"

22 x 25 cm (8.66 x 9.84 in.)
Price : 80 €  [$]


Marc Moallic : Gag "Tapage sur la voir publique", signé.

Encre de chine et lavis sur papier. Dimensions : 22x25 cms.

About Marc Moallic

Marc Moallic is best known as the artist of the 'Ludovic' riddle series that appeared in Pif magazine during the 1970s. Educated at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, he made his debut as an illustrator in Le Pêle-Mêle in 1928. He subsequently worked for such publications as Le Dimanche Illustré, La Vie de Garnison, Cadet Rousselle and Mirroir du Monde.

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