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MILO MARAT nº 1 - pag. 7 by Bonvi, Mario Gomboli - Comic Strip

MILO MARAT nº 1 - pag. 7

Comic Strip
50.5 x 35.7 cm (19,88 x 14,06 in.)


Published in CORRIERE DEI RAGAZZI nº 30
The series was created in 1973 for the famous children's magazine "Pif gadget", and later republished in Italy in the weekly Corriere dei Ragazzi, under the name of Jolly Flipper.
From the first episode: "La perla delle perle".
Final half splash page, with a very nice portrait of the protagonist, actually a self-portrait of Bonvi himself.


On the front, signed BONVI + GOMBOLI; On the back, stamped CORRIERE DEI RAGAZZI 30-1974

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