For sale - Lefranc – La Camarilla, Tome 12 – Planche 46 by Gilles Chaillet - Comic Strip

Lefranc – La Camarilla, Tome 12 – Planche 46

Comic Strip
Encre de Chine sur papier
30.5 x 42 cm (12.01 x 16.54 in.)
Price : 700 €  [$]


Publié par "Casterman"

About Gilles Chaillet

The French comics artist Gilles Chaillet is best remembered for his historical series 'Vasco' (1979), which follows the political and economical trials and tribulations in 14th century Italy. He also wrote and occasionally drew various comics set in ancient Rome, such as 'La Dernière Prophétie' (2002-2012), 'Diocletien' (2011) and 'Les Boucliers de Mars' (2011-2013). Storylines closer to our lifetime could be found in series like 'Tombelaine' (2001-2006) and 'Intox' (2003-2008). Throughout his career he was furthermore the longtime artist of 'Lefranc' (1976-1996) for Jacques Martin, and has worked as a colorist and ghost artist on many classic comic series through Studios Dargaud. Text (c) Lambiek

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