For sale - Le marsupilami - mise en couleur Mars le noir by Vittorio Leonardo, Batem, André Franquin, Yann - Original art

Le marsupilami - mise en couleur Mars le noir

Original art
30 x 20 cm (11.81 x 7.87 in.)
Price : 150 €  [$]
Gouache de Leonardo


Mars le noir , mise en couleur de la planche 25


Gouache pour la mise en couleur du Marsupilami encore réalisée par Leonardo lui-même, accompagnée de son film transparent.
Mars le noir est dessiné par Batem avec André Franquin pour superviser son Marsupilami
Je n'ai pas de planches de Batem et Franquin, une mise en couleur est sympa aussi ;-)
Format A4

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About Vittorio Leonardo

Vittorio Leonardo is a Belgian comic colorist and artist of Italian origins. He came to Belgium at a young age in 1947, where he soon developed a fascination for the 'Lucky Luke' comic by Morris, of which he copied the drawings in his school books. He attended art school and started out with a focus on model drawing and painting before turning to comics. He began his association with magazine Spirou and its publisher Dupuis in the 1960s, initially as a photographer. He eventually ended up coloring the pages of 'Lucky Luke', 'Gaston', 'Les Schtroumpfs', 'Boule et Bill', and a great many other comic series. Since then, there are few Spirou comics to be found that haven't graced by the coloring of Vittorio Leonardo and his studios. In later years, Studio Leonardo has been using computer coloring software developed by Vittorio and his son Jourdan. Vittorio Leonardo and his son, Jourdan. Besides coloring, Vittorio is also skilled in the restoration of old art. Text (c) Lambiek