For sale - Le bus ou le ski ? by Paul Kirchner - Comic Strip

Le bus ou le ski ?

Comic Strip
40 x 58 cm (15.75 x 22.83 in.)
Price : 1,000 €  [$]


Planche du Bus, volume 2.

Paul Kirchner propose des strips empreints d'absurde. Il fut un des collaborateurs réguliers du magazine Heavy Metal.

Très grand format : 58 x 40 cm.

About Paul Kirchner

Paul Kirchner is an American writer and illustrator who has worked in diverse areas, from comic strips and toy design to advertising and editorial art. Paul Kirchner was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He attended Cooper Union School of Art but left in his third year, when, with the help of Larry Hama and Neal Adams, he began to get work in the comic book industry. He penciled stories for DC’s horror line and assisted on Little Orphan Annie for Tex Blaisdell, who took over the strip after the death of Harold Gray. In December 1973, Ralph Reese introduced Kirchner to Wally Wood, for whom he worked as assistant for several years. Paul Kirchner's the bus ran as a series in Heavy Metal. In the mid-1970s, Kirchner wrote and illustrated the surrealistic comic strip Dope Rider for High Times. For Heavy Metal he did an equally surrealistic monthly strip, the bus (1979–85). These strips were collected in a book published by Ballantine in 1987. A new edition has been released in 2012 by French publisher Tanibis.[2] Paul Kirchner also wrote and illustrated occasional short features for Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated. Most of them were collected in the book Realms (Catalan Communications, 1987).

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