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For sale - La Guerre des Sambre - by Marc-Antoine Boidin, Yslaire - Comic Strip

La Guerre des Sambre -

Comic Strip
29 x 21 cm (11.42 x 8.27 in.)
Price : 120 €  [$]


La Guerre des Sambre - "Werner & Charlotte" tome 2 p12


Signé Marc-Antoine en bas à droite


Original de la Guerre des Sambre : "Werner & Charlotte" (Tome 2 p12)
Ces crayonnés sont réalisés au format A4 (puis mis en couleur numériquement afin de produire les planches de la BD).
Il s'agit de la dernière étape disponible en technique traditionnelle.


  • Chapitre 2 - Automne 1768 : La messe rouge
  • Futuropolis / Glénat
  • 10/2011
  • Page 12

About Marc-Antoine Boidin

Marc-Antoine Boidin was born in Arras, Pas-de-Calais. He studied applied arts and then Visual Expression in Roubaix, but broke this off to study Fine Arts in Quimper. During his years at art school, he published one issue of a fanzine with his friend Lionel Chouin. He eventually enrolled in the Angoulême Comics School in 1996. He graduated in 1998 and briefly worked in the field of animation. He met Pascal Bertho at a comics festival and together, they made the series 'Kérioth' at Vents d'Ouest between 1999 and 2004. In that year, he teamed up with Jean-Luc Istin and François Debois to create the album 'Les Contes de Brocéliande' for Soleil Productions. He continued his collaboration with Bertho with the trilogy 'Chéri-Bibi' (Delcourt, 2006-2008) and the 2009 oneshot 'Endurance' in the collection Mirages of Delcourt. In 2010 he drew the 'Sambre' spin-off 'La Guerre des Sambre - Werner & Charlotte' from a script by Yslaire for Futuropolis/Glénat. Text (c) Lambiek

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