Artwork for sale by CORNILLON 
For sale - La Fin du Monde ! by Luc Cornillon - Illustration

La Fin du Monde !

Encres de couleur
21 x 28.5 cm (8.27 x 11.22 in.)
23 cm x 18.5
Price : 300 €  [$]


Signé daté au dos


Une illustration publiée dans Okapi .

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About Luc Cornillon

Luc Cornillon studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Étienne for five years. With fellow student Yves Chaland, he founded the fanzine L'Unité de Valeur. Two years later, he was noticed by Jean-Pierre Dionnet and he got a job at Métal Hurlant. There, he made pastiches of American and Belgian comics, alone or with Chaland. In 1981 he created 'Diamants Vengeurs' in the Atomium collection of publisher Magic Strip, and he wrote several war stories for Métal Hurlant, collected under the title 'Branle-Bas de Combat' (illustrated by Jacques Terpant). With scenarist Philippe Manoeuvre, he created several contemporary tales. Cornillon was also present in the magazines L'Écho des Savanes, Pilote and Charlie Mensuel. From 1990 he worked for the Fleurus group ('Cap Génétique', 'Les Korrigans de la Grange' in Fripounet, etc.) and for the Vivre Avec collection of Armand Colin publishers. Besides his comics career, Luc Cornillon is active as an illustrator in the advertising field. Text (c) Lambiek