For sale - Kogaratsu sabre by Marc Michetz - Original art

Kogaratsu sabre

Original art
Mixed Media
50 x 30 cm (19.69 x 11.81 in.)
On hold


Kogaratsu sabre, mise en couleur + film


Aquarelle sur impression accompagnée de son film transparent réalisée pour une affiche originale éditée chez P&T productions

Format: 50cmx30cm

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About Marc Michetz

Marc de Groide, who uses the pseudonym Michetz, is fascinated by martial arts. Apart from practicing them, he devotes his entire comics oeuvre to them. He began his career at the studios of Jean Graton. In 1979, he created his first two comic stories featuring samurais: 'Mutsuro' in Tintin and 'Hito le Banni' in Spatial. He went on to create the medieval samurai series 'Kogaratsu' with scripts by Bosse in Spirou in 1983. In addition, Michetz published a portfolio about Japan at the publishing house Ansaldi, and he even appeared as a character himself in 'Le Gang Mazda', by his friends Christian Darasse and Bernard Hislaire. In 1990, he teamed up with Yann to start the series 'Tako' at Glénat. Text (c) Lambiek