Artwork for sale by Thorgal24 
For sale - Joker by Dan Brereton - Original art


Original art
26 x 20 cm (10.24 x 7.87 in.)
Price : 250 €  [$]

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About Dan Brereton

Dan Brereton (born November 22, 1965, in the San Francisco Bay Area) is an American professional writer and illustrator who has produced notable work in the comic book field. Brereton is known for his skills as a painter and his distinctive character designs. He gained attention for his work on "Batman: Thrillkiller," "Superman and Batman: Legends of the World's Finest," and "JLA: Seven Caskets." His most famous work is his own series "The Nocturnals." Outside the comic book field, Brereton's work includes the package illustration for a video game called "Machine Head," billboard and advertising art for Rawhide (a Wild West park in Scottdale), concept art for Pressman Films, the television show Numb3rs, development for Disney Television Animation and album covers for the bands Toto, Fireball Ministry, Sote, Ghoultown, and Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe.