For sale - Hommage à Fellini by Milo Manara - Original art

Hommage à Fellini

Original art
Mixed Media
40 x 30 cm (15.75 x 11.81 in.)


La citta delle donne, mise en couleur + film


Aquarelle sur impression accompagnée de son film transparent réalisée par Manara pour une affiche originale hommage à Fellini éditée chez Démons et Merveilles

Format: 40cmx30cm

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About Milo Manara

Maurilio Manara known professionally as Milo Manara, is an Italian comic book writer and artist. Manara's reputation for producing comics that revolve around elegant, beautiful women caught up in unlikely and fantastical erotic scenarios became solidified with work such as Il Gioco (1983, also known as Click or Le Déclic), about a device which renders women helplessly aroused; Il Profumo dell'invisibile (1986, Butterscotch), introducing the heroine Miele (Honey) and a sweet-smelling body-paint which makes the wearer invisible; and Candid camera (1988, Hidden Camera), featuring the same protagonist in further explicit adventures. In the following years of combining sequels, original work, and collaborations with noted creators, Manara's production continued in this direction to explore erotic comics themes with an artistic and storytelling expression in a manner considered unique to Manara.