For sale - Donjon Monsters Tome 1 by Mazan, Lewis Trondheim - Comic Strip

Donjon Monsters Tome 1

Comic Strip
30 x 21 cm (11.81 x 8.27 in.)
Price : 2,000 €  [$]
Ébauche sur papier 80 grammes
Crayonné définitif sur calque


Donjon Monsters T.1 : Jean-Jean la terreur. Page 14.

C'est seulement la 3e planche de ce premier Donjon Monsters a être proposée à la vente.
Ce lot comprend 3 œuvres au format A4
ébauche sur papier (image additionnelle)
crayonné définitif sur calque (image additionelle)
Encrage sur papier 80 grammes (représenté ici)


  • Jean-Jean la Terreur
  • Delcourt
  • 04/2001
  • Interior page

About Mazan

Pierre Lavaud (a.k.a. Mazan) studied Plastic Arts and Fine Arts, before he made his comics debut in 1990. His first work can be found in the first volume of 'Enfants du Nil' ('La Genèse du Grand Mal'), as well as in several German periodicals. That same year, Mazan took on 'L'Hiver d'un Monde', a series published by Delcourt until 1995. In late 1996, and for the same publisher, he created the series 'Le Vaillant Petit Tailleur', a comic adaptation of a tale by the Grimm brothers. Continuing to work in the juvenile genre, Mazan made 'Apprendre à Frisonner' in 1998. For Delcourt, he made 'Philibert: Dans l'Cochon tout est bon' in 2000 (a second album followed in 2004). In the following year, he illustrated the first album in the series 'Donjon Monstres', from a script by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. He contributed to the pocket book L'Original and created a series of strips with 'Les Nains de Jardin' for Le Cycliste. In 2001, he was present in Pavillon Rouge with 'Rorqual Lerouge'. He is one of the founding members of the Atelier Sanzot, a studio settled in Angoulême. Text (c) Lambiek

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