For sale - Don Rosa Scrooge McDuck Island on the Edge of Time page 7 by Don Rosa - Comic Strip

Don Rosa Scrooge McDuck Island on the Edge of Time page 7

Comic Strip
45 x 32 cm (17.72 x 12.6 in.)
Price : 3,000 €  [$]
Upper Halfpage
Lower Halfpage


Signed by Don Rosa and John Clark (Letterer)


Beautiful page (page 7) for one of Don Rosa’s best early adventure-stories “Island on the Edge of Time“ (1991), with Scrooge, Donald and my favorite villain, Flintheart Gloomgold...also signed by the letterer John Clark...pages from this early story are very rare...

About Don Rosa

Keno Don Hugo Rosa (/ˈkiːnoʊ ˈdɑːn ˈroʊzə/), known simply as Don Rosa, is an American comic book author and illustrator known for his stories about Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and other Disney characters. Many of his stories are built on characters and locations created by Carl Barks, including the story that brought him to fame as a modern Disney artist – the Harvey Award-nominated comic, The Son of the Sun. Rosa created about 90 stories between 1987 and 2006. In 1995 he won the Eisner Award for "Best Serialized Story" for his 12-chapter work The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

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