For sale - Couverture originale

Couverture originale " ECRITS "

Original Cover
15.5 x 19 cm (6.1 x 7.48 in.)
Price : 2,300 €  [$]
Couverture + Ecrits + Publication
Logo Ecrits


Est joint le logo " ECRITS" ainsi que le livre en TL pour la publication.



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About Gotlib

Marcel Gotlib was one of the most talented and influential artists in the field of humor comics. His virtuose and energetic style is instantly recognizable. A combination of quick-paced madcap humor, exaggarated expressions, pop culture references and snappy verbal comedy, much like a Looney Tunes cartoon. Gotlib made comics both for children ('Les Dingodossiers', 'La Rubrique-à-Brac', 'Gai-Luron'), as well as more controversial and risqué material for adults ('Hamster Jovial', 'Superdupont', 'Pervers Pépère'). He was the co-creator of two groundbreaking comics magazines for a more mature audience, namely L'Écho des Savanes and Fluide Glacial. As such, his impact on adult comics, particularly in the French-speaking world, cannot be underestimated. Text (c) Lambiek