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Civil War : The Program by Leandro Fernandez - Comic Strip

Civil War : The Program

Comic Strip


Première planche du quatrième tome de la saga Civil War (Journal de Guerre), lorsque Spiderman révèle sa véritable identité au grand public.


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  • Civil War
  • Marvel France
  • 06/2007
  • Page 1

About Leandro Fernandez

Leondro Fernández began his career at the age of 15, as the pupil of 'Hellblazer' artist Marcelo Frusin, and later Eduardo Risso. He studied graphics, and got his first assignments from an Italian publisher, as well as Marvel Comics. He had his breakthrough with Greg Rucka's 'Queen & Country' at Oni Press, for which he illustrated the episode 'Operation: Crystal Ball'. Afterwards, he went to work for Marvel again, doing issues of 'Spider-Man: Tangled Web', 'Wolverine', 'Incredible Hulk' and 'Punisher'.

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