For sale - Chute de vélo - Planche 59 by Étienne Davodeau - Comic Strip

Chute de vélo - Planche 59

Comic Strip
Mixed Media
Technique mixte sur papier
42 x 29.5 cm (16,54 x 11,61 in.)
Price : 800 €  [$]


Publié par "Dupuis"


Non signée

About Étienne Davodeau

Étienne Davodeau studied Plastic Arts in Rennes and co-founded B.D. Psurde, a small studio that published the collective album 'La Vie Tourmentée d'Ernest Formidable' in 1987. After several publications in fanzines, he created 'L'Homme Qui n'Aimait Pas les Arbres' in 1992, the first part of the 'Les Amis de Saltiel' trilogy that heralded the new Géneration Dargaud collection. From 1994 until 1996, he worked on the independent "road comic" 'Le Constat', which was eventually published by Dargaud in the collection Long Courrier. Futuropolis has released several of his graphic novels, stating with the diptych 'Lulu Femme Nue' in 2008 and 2010. 'Les Ignorants' (2011) chronicled his experiences when he swapped places with winegrower Richard Leroy for a year. He has also participated in several collective projects, such as 'Québec, un détroit dans le fleuve' (Casterman, 2008), 'Le Tour du monde en bande dessinée' (Delcourt, 2009), 'Rupestres!' (Futuropolis, 2011) and 'Souvenirs de films' (Lombard, 2011). Text (c) Lambiek

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