For sale - Bob Lubbers Robin Malone Sunday 03.03.1968 by Bob Lubbers - Comic Strip

Bob Lubbers Robin Malone Sunday 03.03.1968

Comic Strip
41 x 62 cm (16.14 x 24.41 in.)
Price : 450 €  [$]




This beautiful and early (Robin Malone ran only 3 years from 1967-1970) Robin Malone Sunday showcases Bob Lubbers "good girl" art at its finest. The spectacular strip has an ink over graphite on Bristol board image area of 24" x 16", with a few whiteout art corrections. The reverse of the board has some graphite roughs that were lightboxed through. The art is in Very Good condition, with two vertical folds, to facilitate shipping to and from the syndicate.

450€ & shipping

About Bob Lubbers

Bob Lubbers was an American comics artist, who was especially known for his "good girl art". He began his career in the comic book industry during the so-called "Golden Age of Comic Books", drawing for companies like Centaur Publishing and Fiction House. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s he worked on many syndicated comic strips for newspapers, including 'Tarzan' (1950-1954), 'Long Sam' (1954-1962), 'Secret Agent X-9' (1960-1967), 'Li'l Abner' (±1958-1977) and his own creation, 'Robin Malone' (1967-1970). Among his influences were the cartoonists Alex Raymond, Hal Foster and Ray Van Buren, as well as the illustrators Al Dorne, George Bridgman and Matt Clark. Text (c) Lambiek

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