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For sale - Bizu : by Jean-Claude Fournier - Original art

Bizu :

Original art
17 x 28.5 cm (6.69 x 11.22 in.)
Price : 325 €  [$]




Encre de chine sur papier calque pour ce haut de page de Jean-Claude Fournier.
Publié en 1967 dans l'hebdomadaire "Le Journal de Spirou" N° 1519 (page 6 & 7) pour la nouvelle aventure de Bizu intitulée "La Vielle qui fait tilt".

+ frais de port à convenir.

About Jean-Claude Fournier

Jean-Claude Fournier known simply as Fournier, is a French cartoonist best known as the comic book artist who handled Spirou et Fantasio in the years 1969-1979.In 1965, Fournier approached André Franquin with drawings of his favourite characters, the cast of Spirou. As Franquin sought a way to retire as Spirou creator, and devote himself to Gaston Lagaffe, he passed on Fournier's work to Yvan Delporte, the editor of Spirou magazine. Fournier's own creation Bizu was serialised in Spirou between 1967–69, until Fournier was finally chosen by Dupuis as Franquin's successor. The first story was Le faiseur d'or which first appeared in Spirou on 29 May 1969. Fournier added his personal poetic and environmentalistic mark to the saga.

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