For sale - Bikers by Jack Manini - Illustration


Felt-tip pen
21 x 29 cm (8.27 x 11.42 in.)
Price : 50 €  [$]




Illustration au feutre de 2 belles Bikers, signée.

About Jack Manini

Jack Manini studied fine arts in Paris. His first work was published in Pilote, and he later collaborated on Circus, Charlie and Chic. He created such albums at Futuropolis as 'Je Swingue!' and 'Les Morts de Rire'. He also created 'Le Cobaye' at Albin Michel and 'L'Archimage Robert' with Froideval at Zenda. He started the 'Estelle' series with Raymond Maric at Carabas publishers and 'Mycroft Inquisitor' with Christophe Arleston and Dominique Latil at Soleil. Along with Dominique Latil, he is the scenarist of the 'Ko' series, drawn by Michel Chevereau. Text (c) Lambiek

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