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Bernard Voorzichtig - Twee voor thee (Page - Dutch KV) by Daan Jippes, Martin Lodewijk, Hans Keeris - Comic Strip

Bernard Voorzichtig - Twee voor thee (Page - Dutch KV)

Comic Strip
Third edition
Second edition
First edition
Total original drawing


DAAN JIPPES (Daniël Jan Jippes) - born 1945 - The Netherlands
MARTIN LODEWIJK - born 1939 - The Netherlands
HANS KEERIS (colorist)
Bernard Voorzichtig - Twee voor thee
Page 40 - Ink on paper - 41x30 cm
Publication in Dutch magazine 'Pep' nr.50-1972, publication book first edition 1973, publication book second edition 1981, publication book third edition 2001.

Historically one of the most important comic stories of the Netherlands.
This story inspired many other comic artists.
Unfortunately it is (so far) remained at one story !

About Daan Jippes

Daan Jippes is considered as one of Holland's best comic book artists, and one of the few who has gained international fame. He is mainly noted for his work on Disney comics, especially for his ability to work in a near-mint copy of Carl Barks' style. After training most of the original artists of the Dutch Disney comics production in the 1970s, he has even worked for the Walt Disney Company in the USA, and then became a leading artist for the Danish Disney publisher Egmont. As a true comics chameleon, Jippes can easily adopt the drawing style of other artists, including such giants as André Franquin, Floyd Gottfredson, Morris and Albert Uderzo. From his cover illustrations with classic Franco-Belgian comics characters for Pep magazine in the 1960s to his adaptation of Jan Kruis' personal drawing style to a standard for the studio production of 'Jan, Jans en de Kinderen' in 1999, most of his work was done anonymously. Therefore, Daan Jippes didn't become a household name among the general public like his contemporaries Martin Lodewijk and Dick Matena. In fact, for many years his only personal comic was the influential one-shot album 'Twee voor Thee', which established his image of an "artist's artist". Text (c) Lambiek

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