For sale - Batman - The Hunt - Page 5 by Joe Kubert - Comic Strip

Batman - The Hunt - Page 5

Comic Strip
43 x 28 cm (16.93 x 11.02 in.)
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Batman : black and White
Issue 1

"The Hunt", page 5

Ce récit court en huit pages, dont Joe Kubert assure seul scénario, dessin et encrage, est paru dans Batman : Black and white Volume 1 (Juin 1996), et fut traduit par Urban Comics en 2016.

Hormis de nombreuses couvertures de Batman, Joe Kubert n'a étonnamment dessiné que deux histoires courtes de Batman dans toute sa carrière. Celle-ci, qu'il dessine à l'âge de 68 ans en 1994, et dix ans plus tôt, 4 pages figurant dans Batman n°400.
C'est donc une rencontre rarissime entre l'un des maîtres du neuvième art et l'un des personnages de comics les plus populaires.

About Joe Kubert

Joe Kubert was an artist who has been active in nearly all aspects of the comic book industry during his long career. He has worked as an artist and writer, but also as editor and teacher. Coming from New York, Kubert began his career at the early age of 12. He was assigned by MLJ Publications to do inking on some of Bob Montana's 'Archie' pages. Kubert then attended the High School of Music of Art and at the same time began a collaboration with the Harry "A" Chesler shop. Now aged 16, he worked fro publications like Smash Comics, Speed Comics and Police Comics, while also doing coloring and inking assignments. Text (c) Lambiek

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