For sale - Al Columbia Cover Pic and Francie large by Al Columbia - Original Cover

Al Columbia Cover Pic and Francie large

Original Cover
43 x 33 cm (16,93 x 12,99 in.)
Price : 2,400 €  [$]


A brilliant work by Fantagraphics published Al Columbia. All art and text is hand drawn! Al drew this very detailed proposed cover that will be published in his next book (as he told me). I'm not sure if this is the actual cover, or will simply be an interior page, but it's certainly cover quality. He's a crazed genius who draws horror comics as if they were 1930s cartoons. He pasted the art on a heavy black board. Price includes shipping.

Un ouvrage brillant de Fantagraphics a publié Al Columbia. Tout l'art et le texte est dessiné à la main! Al a dessiné cette proposition de couverture très détaillée qui sera publiée dans son prochain livre (comme il me l'a dit). Je ne sais pas s'il s'agit de la couverture ou s'il s'agira simplement d'une page intérieure, mais c'est certainement la qualité de la couverture. C'est un génie fou qui dessine des bandes dessinées d'horreur comme s'il s'agissait de dessins animés des années 1930. Il a collé l'art sur un tableau noir épais. Le prix comprend l'expédition.

About Al Columbia

Al Columbia is an American cartoonist, illustrator, writer, photographer, musician, and filmmaker. He started his career in comics at the age of nineteen, when he was hired to assist Bill Sienkiewicz. Together, they created 'Big Numbers'. In 1992, however, the pressure of continuing this real-world, realistically painted comics series became too much for him. Al Columbia vanished, destroying the fourth issue of 'Big Numbers' he was working on, and nothing was heard from him until 1994. He then made 'The Biologic Show', published by Fantagraphics, in which he broke away from the realistic, Sienkiewicz-inspired style, developing a more grotesque, caricatural style of his own. From 1995 on, Al Columbia experimented, contributing stories such as 'Pim and Francie' to the anthologies 'Zero Zero' and 'Blab!', introducing the character of frightened little Seymour Sunshine. In 2003 he wrote two issues of 'The Pogostick', an unfinished comic book series illustrated by Ethan Persoff that was nominated for a Harvey Award. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, the Seattle newspaper The Stranger and in magazines such as The Believer and Arthur. 'Pim & Francie: The Golden Bear Days', a book of Columbia's previously unpublished work, was released in 2009, and subsequently nominated for two Ignatz Awards.

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