For sale - Akira - Vol 2 - Page 158 by Steve Oliff, Katsuhiro Otomo - Original art

Akira - Vol 2 - Page 158

Original art
Mixed Media
36 x 26 cm (14.17 x 10.24 in.)
Price : 600 €  [$]


Vol.2 page 158

Mises en couleur sur impression, pour la publication américaine d'Akira, reprise pour la publication française.
Réalisées en 1989-1990 par Steve Oliff, pionnier de la séparation des couleurs par ordinateur. Les impressions étaient réalisées dans le studio de Katsuhiro Otomo au Japon, et coloriées en Californie. Techniques mixtes : aérographe, gouache, crayons de couleur, ...

About Steve Oliff

Steve Oliff began his comic book career in the late 1970s, as a colorist for Byron Preiss's publications. He has colored a great number of titles for Marvel, Eclipse, Pacific, DC, Dark Horse and Image, and his company Olyoptics was one of the first to experiment with computer coloring. Oliff has written and drawn his own comic books 'Armature' and 'Armature: Darkpark and Lightworld'. 'Armature' also runs as a weekly comic strip in the local paper Independent Coast Observer. In addition, Oliff has been the mayor of his hometown, Point Area, California. In 2005, Oliff collaborated with Cheri Carlstedt on a history of Point Arena: 'The Early Days of Point Arena: A Pictorial History of the City and Township'. Text (c) Lambiek

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