For sale - Affiche originale la nef des fous - Festival BD d'Ajjacio by Turf - Illustration

Affiche originale la nef des fous - Festival BD d'Ajjacio

Encre et aquarelle sur papier épais
54 x 38 cm (21.26 x 14.96 in.)
Price : 1,550 €  [$]


La nef des fous , illustration originale


Signé et daté dans le dessin


Encre de chine et aquarelle pour une illustration originale réalisée pour le 16ème Festival BD d'Ajjacio
Signée et datée Turf 2018
Format 54cm x 38cm

About Turf

Born in Marseille, Turf studied at the Angoulême School of Fine Arts in the late eighties. He graduated in the same year as his fellow comic authors Tiburce Oger, Claire Wendling, Masbou and Loyer. He went to work in an animation studio, where he was a background artist on series like 'Denver the Last Dinosaur' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. He contributed his first comic story to the first issue of the collective series 'Les Enfants du Nil' in 1990, and then teamed up with Joël Mouclier to create the series 'Les Remparts d'Écume', for which he co-wrote the first episode. In 1993, he began his own series at Delcourt, 'La Nef des Fous', creating a mysterious closed world, with a vibrant artwork. Text (c) Lambiek

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pajan Elle aurait pu être pour moi celle-là....Ajaccio.....
Jan 14, 2019, 2:54 PM