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1973 - Pep - (Cover - Dutch KV) by Willy Lohmann - Original Cover

1973 - Pep - (Cover - Dutch KV)

Original Cover


Cover Pep 1973 nr.36

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About Willy Lohmann

Willy Lohmann was a Dutch comic artist and cartoonist, best known for his moody newspaper comic 'Kraaienhove' and his many contributions to the Dutch edition of MAD magazine. Lohmann is best known for 'Kraaienhove', of which about 50 stories were published on a daily base in the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool between 1962 and 1972. He continued his series during the 1970s in comics magazine Pep (1972-1975) and in De Vrije Balloen. In addition, he was present in the Dutch Donald Duck weekly with 'Waldo'. Text (c) Lambiek