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1952 - L'Oncle Paul / Oom Wim (Page - Belgian / Dupuis KV) by Victor Hubinon, René Follet, Dino Attanasio - Comic Strip

1952 - L'Oncle Paul / Oom Wim (Page - Belgian / Dupuis KV)

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Story: La terre tremble / Als de aarde beeft.

This story is dedicated to Dino Attanasio.
To me it is work of Victor Hubinon or René Follet.
I know in a period they work together very closely.

Has anybody more information ?

About Victor Hubinon

Victor Hubinon (26 April 1924 – 8 January 1979) was a Belgian comic-book artist, best known for the series Buck Danny and Redbeard. Victor Hubinon was born in Angleur (Now a part of Liège), Belgium in 1924. He studied at the Arts Academy of Liège and fled to England later during World War II, where he served in the Royal Navy. After the war ended, he returned to Belgium and when he was 22, he started working as an illustrator for the newspaper La Meuse. He got a contract with businessman and journalist Georges Troisfontaines, who started the press agency "World Press". There, Hubinon met Jean-Michel Charlier, another illustrator for the agency.They first collaborated on a short comic story, but Troisfontaines created for them a new hero, Buck Danny, about a trio of fictional American pilots in World War II. Troisfontaines dropped out after he had written the first fifteen pages, whereupon Charlier and Hubinon continued it on their own.

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Carbonnieux C'est une page attribuée à Attanasio et ni à Hubinon ni à Follet. Publication dans le Spirou n°733
Jan 16, 2019, 7:06 PM