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Artiste Type d'œuvre Détail Priorité Date
Jacques Tardi Illustrations Looking for panel page with nice figures and backgrounds. Haute 23/11/15
George Herriman Planches originales Looking for a good Krazy Kat sunday. Haute 13/07/15
Gene Colan Autres Looking for Colan/Everett pages. Haute 13/07/15
Dan Smith Illustrations Looking for a nice Dan Smith illustration of comic piece. I prefer one with girls on it. Moyenne 13/07/15
Robert Crumb Illustrations Looking for published comic work by Crumb. Prefer a page or a tier. Moyenne 13/07/15
Peyo Planches originales Looking for a partial page or panels that are published and done by Peyo and not studio. Moyenne 13/07/15
Morris Illustrations I would like to own a page or partial page done for Lucky Luke. Not studio art. Moyenne 13/07/15
Jack Kirby Autres Looking for a nice, twice up Kirby Thor page. Moyenne 13/07/15
Hermann Autres Looking for a nice, non-colored interior with good content and lighting. Moyenne 13/07/15
Hugo Pratt Autres I would like a Corto Maltese page. Not a Mu page. I would be satisfied with a half page too. Looking for something with Corto Moyenne 13/07/15
Chris Ware Illustrations Looking for nice and affordable pages showing good panel design and content. Moyenne 13/07/15